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(View our Pork Pie varieties below)

Our 100 year old secret

The Ellesmere Sausage and Pork Pie recipes were personally handed to Rodney Stokes by the Haywards who originally held the famous recipes.

Rodney Stokes ran the butchers in Ellesmere since the mid-eighties, and then brought the business to the Farm in 2001, converting farm buildings into a manufacturing unit and expanded the business by creating a range of gourmet pork pies.

Ingredients from round & about

Apples from the orchard and red onions from the kitchen garden, free-range eggs from hens on the farm, butter and cheese sourced from within Shropshire, and, of course, all our pork is locally reared.

It's all in the mix

We make our pies in small batches of no more than 25 ensuring attention to detail and quality control and all the ingredients are freshly weighed for every batch. Our special recipe filling is mixed by hand, as is the hot water pastry which is made with just flour, lard, margarine and a little salt mixed with hot water. Simple ingredients for a delicious taste. Just how you’d make it at home.

Hand stamped and sealed

Using traditional equipment operated by hand the original “Little Champion” pie stamper is used to press individual tins with the pastry. Pastry lids are stamped onto the pies and eggwashed.

Perfect finish

The pies are baked in individual batches until golden brown then turned out of the tins and cooled. Each pie can be individually wrapped and labelled according to your requirements. Alternatively pork pies can be made in foil tins (which can be frozen if required) then cooked at home to have a hot pie fresh from your own oven. Why not order you pork pies to collect hot from our oven?

What's your size?

Small, large or extra large? We make pies ranging from a standard 5oz to a larger 1 1/2 lb or choose a tin size: 6, 7 or 10 inch. Due to the nature of hand made pies there may be slight variations in weigh.

Pork pies can be made to order – a variety of pies for a picnic or a party, a large cutting pie for a buffet. Single small pies for a convenient snack (the original convenience food!)

The Ellesmere Pork Pie
The original recipe - unchanged for over 100 years.

Shropshire Blue
No pastry lid - just smothered in melted Shropshire Blue cheese. Very popular.

Caramelised Onion
This is gorgeous - onions caramelised in butter, soft brown sugar and balsamic vinegar, combined with the pork in a mature cheese pastry.

A deliciously moist, sweeter-tasting pie.

Wholegrain Mustard
The classic accompaniment - already included.

Pork & Apple
The addition of fresh apples complements the pork beautifully and it’s all encased in cheese pastry

Tempting you further

Our range of pork pies is always growing and includes:

Prune & Walnut
Pork in cheese pastry - with melted cheddar topping
Ploughmans - pork and pickle in a cheese pastry
Black Pudding - a large slice of black pudding sandwiched in pork
Christmas Pork Pie - with port and cranberries

And if you have your own idea for a variety of pork pie - we’ll happily make it for you.

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